Saturday, September 20, 2008

In sap, Displaying the Effects of Vendor Items on Cost Center Accounting


All of the earlier process steps assumed that you were working in the accounts payable department. You now see what the cost center manager sees when an invoice is posted to their cost center. You execute a cost center report, and drill down to the source documents in accounts payable.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Information System ® Reports for Cost Center Accounting ® Plan/Actual Comparisons ® Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance

    Transaction Code

    S_ALR_87013611, KSB1

  3. Enter the following data:
  4. Field


    North America

    Controlling area



    Fiscal year

    Current year

    Current year

    From period



    To period



    Plan version



    Or value(s)



  5. Choose .
  6. The system issues a cost center report with a total for each posted cost element.

  7. Double-click on cost element 476900 (Miscellaneous costs).
  8. In the dialog box, you see a list of all reports in which you can execute a drilldown.

  9. Double-click on Cost Centers: Actual Line Items.
  10. You now see a list of CO line items for cost center 1000.

  11. Choose Settings
  12. ® Layout ® Select.

    The Choose Layout dialog box appears.

  13. Choose the Primary Cost Posting variant.
  14. Double-click on one of your posted documents.
  15. Choose until the overview tree appears.

In the Display Actual Line Items for Cost Centers dialog box, choose Yes.

In the Exit Report dialog box, choose Yes.

If you are asked whether to save an extract, choose No.